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Insulated metal building panels (IMP) are on the vanguard of the building envelope frontier, and FALK Panel produces the finest available. Our state-of-the-art panel line is capable of making panels up to 82 feet in length. Our hidden fastener wall panels are nothing short of stunning. With a wide choice of tasteful colors in either Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra or 70% Fluropon PVDF finishes, our panels install quickly and give your building a tailored look that is unmatched with conventional building systems. Complete your project with a FALK insulated metal panel roof system in either standing seam or raised rib. FALK Panel produces several thicknesses of cold storage wall panels up to 8 inches. We can also help with fasteners, trims, tools, and advice. FALK Panel excels at keeping you competitive.

FALK HFW-40 Hidden Fixed Wall Panel

FALK HFW-40 insulated metal panels with concealed fastening.

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HFW-40 Hidden Fixed Wall Panel


FALK Panel maintains the highest quality standards in North America. For exterior weather sheeting we offer two options: Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra on Galvalloy coated Tata steel from England, or American steel, coated in AZ-50 Galvalum or G-90 Galvanized and painted with Fluropon 70% PVDF from Sherwin-Williams. We use 24 gauge (.0230 min) weather sheets and 26 gauge (.0197) liner sheets.
Hidden Wall

Wall Panels

FALK Hidden Fastener Wall Panels are available in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and profiles, including embossing. Choose from either Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra or 70% Fluropon PVDF.

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Raised Rib Roof Panel

Roof Panels

FALK roof panels have your project well covered. We offer both Raised Rib and Standing Seam. Both available in multiple thickness and colors. FALK can roll roof panels up to 82 feet in length.

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Cold Storage Wall

Cold Storage Panels

FALK interior cold storage wall panels are designed for simple, rapid installation with a smooth clean look. Available in many profiles including embossing. FALK produces cold storage panels up to 8 inches thick.

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Located in West Michigan, we are proud to have the most technically advanced panel production facility in North America. Our talented and committed employees have deep experience in the world of metal roofing and siding systems. We excel at providing the insulated metal panel (IMP) market with exceptional value, craftsmanship, and flexibility. We work tirelessly to ensure our panels stand the test of time and exceed our customers’ expectations. Exemplary customer service defines FALK Panel. We want you satisfied at every touchpoint along the way. We can supply fasteners, flashing, trim, tools, and vacuum lifting systems, and most importantly, our personal attention to make sure your next project shines!
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