Designing a building gives it an identity. Building materials are the base for that identity. FALK supplies a wide range of well-designed cladding panels. FALK Cladding panels vary in insulation value, color, material, profiling and durability. Our team is here to advise you on all the design possibilities.

Insulated metal panels are a building material combining protection and insulation in one product. An insulated metal panel consists of three layers: a profiled outer plate or steel, a layer of insulating foam and a profiled inner steel plate. The outer profile of the appearance of a building. These panels are available in many colors making design opportunities unlimited.

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Why FALK insulated metal panels?
FALK Panel has been manufacturing and producing insulated roof and wall panels for more than ten years. Building solutions with a high insulation value using FIBON® foam, FALK provides a sustainable product for reducing the carbon dioxide exchange of your building.FALK also offers daylight solutions and other accessories to neatly finish a building.  View our product overview for additional information and pricing. 

Span tables or FALK insulated metal panels.
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