Insulated panels in BREEAM and LEED projects

BREEAM is a sustainability certificate to design and build your building project at the highest level of sustainability. FALK gladly helps you with the challenges concerning the application of insulated metal panels in a BREEAM project.

With BREEAM you can earn points for various construction aspects. The final score is divided into five grades (Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding).

Your choice of insulated metal panel influences parts of the BREEAM system. Because BREEAM measures the building's performance, the influence of a single product is not always clear. Nevertheless, some BREEAM points are linked to specific products. We can help you to clarify where you can gain points by using FALK insulated metal panels. The BREEAM evaluation guideline consists of nine parts. FALK can help you to add value to a selection of these parts.

LEED is an international certification based in the USA and developed by the US-Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED assigns points to each characteristic in different building categories that can be classified as "green". LEED is explicitly based on American regulations and American references. The LEED quality mark is recognized in the United States as proof for environmentally responsible buildings. Depending on the score, the following assessments can be obtained: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The program is based on the BREEAM methodology.

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