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productsFALK MRP-44 Membrane Roof Panel

FALK MRP-44 Membrane Roof Panel

Metal roof panels for flat roofs.

FALK MRP 44 Coming Soon

The FALK MRP-44 membrane roof panel is for roof pitches from 0.25: 12 to 1:12. The roof panel is easy to assemble and is an alternative for traditional built up roofs. The standard interior finish is FALK Off White RAL 9002, with other colors available upon request.

The FALK MRP 44 insulated metal panel for flat roofs is available in insulation thicknesses from 3 inches to 6 inches. Using these insulated metal panel roofing sheets ensures a perfectly insulated space. The exterior facing and interior facing steel panel plates are equipped with box profile, with the option for exterior facing with a flat profile. After installing our MRP 44 panel for flat roofs, you only need to apply a waterproof membrane (roof covering) to the roof panels. With a maximum length of 82 feet, this roof panel is able to span large distances. Using the FALK MRP 44 assures fast assembly of your roof as it is equip with an interlocking joint secured with exposed fasteners.

• For roof slopes from 0.25:12 to 1:12

• Max. length up to 82 feet*

• Rapid installation

• Easy to cover with membrane after installation

• Alternative for traditional built up roofs

• Ask for production availability

*Requires special transportation arrangements

technical features

Core ThicknessU-Factor (IP) [BTU/h·ft²·°F]R-Value [h.ft²·°F/BTU]U-Value (SI) [W/(m².K)]

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