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productsFALK RRP-40 Ribbed Roof Panel

FALK RRP-40 Ribbed Roof Panel

Trapezoid roofing sheets.

FALK RRP 40 color

This insulated metal panel with three crown trapezoidal profiling is best when applied to roofs. The trapezoidal profile makes this roofing sheet a powerful insulated metal panel able to bridge large spaces. With a wide variety of colors, the FALK RRP 40 is a beautiful solution for your roof.

With three trapezoidal crowns, the FALK RRP 40 assures structure, rhythm and regularity. This strong trapezoidal profile makes the RRP 40 applicable in many situations for roof or walls. For use on walls the insulated metal panels can be mounted vertically and horizontally. For use on roofs, a minimum of a 1:12 slope and greater is required. Core thickness are available from 1.5 inches to 6 inches thick. The FALK RRP 40 insulated metal panel joint configuration is overlapping with foam in place from the factory and exposed fasteners that ensures an excellent connection.

• Minimum roof slope 0.75:12

• Max. length up to 82 feet*

• Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

• Rapid installation due to positive stacking

*Requires special transportation arrangements

technical features

Core ThicknessU-Factor (IP) [BTU/h·ft²·°F]R-Value [h.ft²·°F/BTU]U-Value (SI) [W/(m².K)]

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