Realizing new industrial building Forest Dynamics


Year: 2017
Architect: Van Middendorp architectural drawing & consultancy
Panels: FALK 1060 WB, FALK 1100 TR3+ PD

Bos Dynamics, a logistics service provider who specializes in the distribution of goods, constructed a new industrial building in 2017 with an area of nearly 64,000 square feet. Bos has a fleet consisting of 50 trucks, 80 trailers, and more than 60 employees utilizing the space daily.  

Functional Design
Course plotting and functionality were the starting points for this new industrial building. The sleek silhouette of the halls mixed with the playful facade on the street side captured function and form. The walls were realized with FALK 1060 WB in Prisma Slate Gray. The flat roof covering consists of FALK 1100 TR3+ panels. Heger & Janssen completed the assembly of these panels.

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